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Guild Survey Results
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IN MID-2004 TKGA conducted its first online survey of the membership. It disclosed that: ~ 99% of you are female
~ 76% are married
~ 96% have at least some college or trade school education
~ Half are employed, and
~ You are very evenly distributed between E, W, N, S United States.
~ 67% have been knitting for 20+ years, and 35% have knitted for 40+ years.
~ 64% knit six or more hours a week.
~ Almost half have completed nine or more projects during the past 12 months.
~ 56% revealed they had spent more than $500 on yarn and knitting supplies in the last 12 months.
~ You tend to purchase in knitting stores and online for the most part.

Other miscellaneous statistics:

Member Age:
Knitting Skill Level:

IN 2005, TKGA conducted an online survey of members regarding CLUB/GUILD MEMBERSHIP. Two thousand members (out of 8,763 with e-mails) responded with the following information:

Fifty-two percent of you belong to some kind of local knitting group – 29% of you belong to a TKGA guild.

Your TKGA guild has been in existence for:
Less than a year 9%
1-5 years 19%
6-10 years 19%
7-15 years 27%
16 years + 26%

You have been a member of your local guild for:
Less than a year 10%
1-5 years 48%
6-10 years 18%
11+ 16%
Your age group:
35 or less 6%
36-45 17%
46-55 36%
56-65 28%
66 or more 14%

Number of members in your local guild:
1-20 18%
21-50 41%
51-100 23%
101-200 6%
201-300 5%
301+ 2%

Meeting location for your guild:
Church 41%
Library 19%
Community Center 8%
Home 4%
Other responses (5% or less each) included: Senior Center, Retirement Home, School, Coffee Shop and/or Restaurant, Business, Municipal Building, Bookstore, Museum or Art Center, Assisted Living area, Clubhouse, Hospital/Medical Center, Grocery or Food Store, YMCA, Country Club.

Do you pay for meeting space rental?
Yes 28% (40 % pay less than $20)

Local guild dues are:
No dues 19%
$1-$10 14%
$11-$20 47%
More than $20 21%

You feel these things might help you gain more members (answers in order of most responses to least responses):
~ Publicity
~ Better, more interesting programs
~ Skill building
~ Friendlier, more open atmosphere
~ Change of meeting place (many said they were outgrowing their space)
~ Shorter, more organized business part of the meeting; more relaxed atmosphere

Does your guild enjoy a discount from local yarn shops?
Yes 39%

Your Club/Guild’s biggest challenge?
13% – Programs (finding something new, interesting)
11% – Consistent Attendance (scheduling conflicts; some only come for special
10% – Membership & Retention
10% – Meeting Place (too small, not conveniently located, needs to be rent
free, policies of renters change, parking)
9% – Involvement of Members (offer to teach or share a skill at a program)
8% – Balancing Diverse Group to maintain interest of all (older vs younger,
newer vs experienced, crochet vs knit, machine vs hand knitting, etc.)
7% – Effective leadership (no enthusiasm, old-school, or can’t get anyone
to volunteer)
4% – Attracting younger women; attracting male members
3% – Need skills building; education; mentoring
2% – Difficult to get national speakers (group too big for easy demos, group
too small to attract speaker, can’t pay enough, don’t know how to
locate or contact speakers)
2% – Costs, Finances (speakers, field trips, building rent)
2% – Too big already! (Have lost informal atmosphere; too large to do hands
on demos; size and growth involves lots of paperwork and upkeep)
2% – Member conflicts, politics
2% – Need a better welcoming process of new members; so get to know
each other; avoid cliquishness)
2% – Organization (shorter, more effective meetings)
1% – Starting & Finishing Charity Projects (and finding new projects of interest)
1% – No local yarn shop nearby (or those here aren’t supportive or don’t offer
good yarns)

Less than 1% each:
– PR (new guild, seasonal, etc.)
– Transportation
– Need donated or discounted yarns (in general or for charity projects)
– Not want to have to join TKGA
– Getting members to read the guild’s newsletters
– Need web site/e-newsletter
– Getting published in Cast On
– Need patterns
– Need more workshops and retreats
– Would like a group correspondence course we could all work on together
– Food

What two things do you feel TKGA might do to help your guild?
(Listed in priority order of most suggested to least)
- Programs Ideas & How to Connect with Speakers, Designers
- Guild info packet; include PR materials
- Skill-building items (Learn-A-Stitch kits; more Correspondence Courses; Videos)
- TKGA Web site for guild info from TKGA
- No requirement for all members to be members of TKGA
- National member recruitment campaign
- More Communication, info from TKGA about and to guilds
- More "guild patterns” – like the guild vest that was published in Cast On
- Charity patterns and charity project ideas
- Guild get-togethers at TKGA Conventions
- Discounts from local yarn shops, chains, catalogs
- Promote guild tolerance, welcoming attitudes; not be yarn or skill snobs.
- Machine knitting information

Does your club/guild produce a printed newsletter?

Does your club/guild produce an e-mail newsletter?

Does your club/guild bring in paid speakers?

The top charity items produced by TKGA guilds currently:
(Listed in order of most responses to least responses)
- Afghans/lap robes/Warm Up America! Squares
- Preemie Caps & Clothes
- Chemo Caps
- Baby Items, distributed through local hospitals
- Precious Pals or Trauma Bears
- Clothing for Shelters, Homeless and Underprivileged
- Caps for Kids
- Project Linus, blankets
- Stitches from the Heart (Cast On W/S 2001)
- Prayer Shawls, Sheila’s Shawls
- Items for Soldiers, Seamen, Veterans
- Clothing for Schools
- Children in Common (Cast On Summer 02)
- Baby Bereavement Blankets for hospitals
- Stoma/Tracheotomy Covers
- Prisons – clothing, teaching knitting
- Breast Cancer Awareness & Support

There were many, many more suggestions and ideas presented in this survey. Thank you to everyone who responded. You’ve given TKGA some great ideas and direction for the future!

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