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Masters Program - Machine Knitting
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About the Master Machine Knitting Program

 The Master Machine Knitting Program was developed for Machine Knitting members of The Knitting Guild of America (now The Knitting Guild  Association) (TKGA) to have their knitting evaluated using specific criteria and guidelines. It followed many requests from machine knitters for a chance to improve their skills and expand their expertise in the same manner that was available to hand knitters through the Master Hand Knitting Program. In 1998 the program was modified to address the capabilities and the limitations of the PASSAP DM5, DM80 and the E6000. As a result there are two separate, but equal programs; one for the single bed knitting machines and one for the double-bed PASSAPs.

 Knitters in the Master Machine Knitting Programs work through three levels, each building on techniques demonstrated in the previous level. Each level is completed independently, and evaluated by the Master Machine Knitting Committee, before the knitter goes to the next level.

 For many years, until 2014, the PASSAP program lacked its third level. That omission has been corrected with the revision of all of the programs. Now  the PASSAP knitter can reach the technical level of all of the original program Master Knitters. Any PASSAP knitters can complete the Masters program by taking this third level.

The programs are designed as an educational process, not a competition or contest. The programs do not explicitly teach knitting skills but rather require you to research the techniques as you work the swatches and projects. The programs emphasize independent and involved learning on the part of the knitter. Brand-new PASSAP knitters who are not familiar with their knitting machines are encourage to consider taking the Basic PASSAP Beginner’s Correspondence Course “Starting Out on the PASSAP” before embarking on the Master’s Program.

 The knitters may not have these skills when they begin the program, but through research and practice they acquire them. It is not enough to demonstrate that a knitter can perform a technique. To pass a level, the knitter must go beyond basic ability to perform to mastery and understanding of those techniques.

 The programs accommodate knitters of various skill levels. Experienced knitters may require less practice to master a technique while less experienced knitters may need to rework a swatch many times. Both can become Master Knitters. By the time the program is finished the knitter  should have complete mastery of knitting techniques and the knitting machine’s capabilities. They will have knowledge of related topics such as the care of knitting machines, and the care and blocking of knitwear. The knitter will have experience in designing and writing their own patterns and instructions as well as interpreting a pattern from hand knitting and other languages.

 But most important YOU, the knitter, will have confidence in your own abilities. Where this confidence takes you is up to you.

 While the Master Machine Knitter certificate is not a professional certificate, it does enhance any knitting resume. It verifies, among other things that you:

·         Machine knit very well

·         Understand machine knitting techniques

·         Can properly prepare designs for submission

·         Can write reasonably well about knitting

 Because of your proven machine knitting expertise, you may find yourself using the Master Knitter title to demonstrate, teach and knit for local shops, guilds and more; write articles or submit patterns for publication; or even work with yarn companies on original designs.

 The standards of the programs are very high. The swatches and written work are evaluated with very specific criteria. The instructions for each swatch and report state the criteria by which the volunteer members of the Master Machine Knitting Committee evaluate the work. And each member of the Machine Knitting Committee is a MASTER MACHINE KNITTER !


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