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About the TKGA Masters Program
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About the Master Hand Knitting Program

The Master Hand Knitting Program was announced in the Fall 1987 issue of Cast On as a way for members of The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) to have their knitting evaluated using specific criteria and guidelines. It was designed as an educational process, not a competition or contest.

We encourage all knitters who are interested in learning more about their chosen craft to participate in the program. The program is not for brand new  knitters, but for those who want to improve their skills. TKGA offers correspondence courses for knitters who are interested in learning to knit.

Knitters work independently through three levels of the program, each building on techniques demonstrated in the previous level. Each level is to be completed and evaluated by the Master Hand Knitting Committee, before the knitter is able to obtain material for the next level of the program.

For each level of the program, swatches will be knit, reports written, questions answered and projects completed. Experienced knitters may require less practice to master a technique while less experienced knitters may need to rework a swatch many times. Both can become Master Knitters. By the time you complete the program you will have a mastery of knitting techniques and will have knowledge of the history and traditions of knitting. You will also have experience in garment design and pattern writing. But more importantly you will have the confidence in your own abilities. Where this confidence takes you is up to you.

You may find yourself using the Master Knitter title to teach and knit for local shops, guilds and more; write articles or submit patterns for publication, or even work with yarn companies on original designs.

As of the postings through the February 2013 issue of Cast On magazine, there are 268 TKGA Master Hand Knitters since the program began in 1987. The Master® title, certificate and pin are awarded only to those knitters who have completed all three levels of the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program.

Those who have received their Master Hand Knitter pins and those who are currently in the program come from all over the world including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Thailand and the United States. Note that the program is only offered in English and those who participate must be fluent in English.

There is no time limit for participation at any level in the Master Hand Knitting Program.
But if your instructions are more than a year old, you must obtain the most current instruction version for your level. Your completed lessons must comply with that current version.

Visit us on where our very active and informative group of Master Hand Knitting students, Committee members, and Co-Chairs participate in the various topics and answer all questions you may have concerning the program.

Because the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program is an evaluation of individual skills and knowledge, TKGA does not authorize "TKGA Masters Classes” in shops, guilds, etc. TKGA does not authorize anyone to teach the materials of the program as a course.

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